Phi Theta Kappa Introduces

International Honors Certificates

in Partnership with the World’s Top Universities.

Helping college students and emerging leaders in their professions:

  • Meet the challenge of internationalization and develop global competencies with honors courses from the world’s top universities offered through Phi Theta Kappa
  • Prepare for travel, study, or work abroad with a module on International Leadership In Action and Development (ILIAD) to set goals and identify programs and funding options

International Honors Certificates 100% Online

  • completed independently
  • self-paced with three months to complete
  • start anytime
  • all materials are included and accessed in the IHC courses
  • $125 per IHC course
  • For the complete listing of IHC courses, visit for current students
  • IHC courses include the following, and many more

  • UCLA Anderson
    Global Entrepreneurship

    Learn about the core concepts of global entrepreneurship and a framework for the early stages of defining and evaluating a business opportunity.

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  • University of South Carolina
    International Business HR

    Explore the challenges that arise when a company enters the international arena and a modern management structure that is super global and super local.

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  • University of Johannesburg
    University of Johannesburg
    Organisational Leadership

    Learn the power of knowing yourself as a leader, the strategies of working effectively with others and how to lead in global context of the 21st century.

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  • Beijing Language and Culture University
    Beijing Language and Culture University
    Contemporary China and Chinese Culture

    Develop an understanding of Chinese culture and contemporary China and grasp the basic social and working skills of interacting with Chinese people effectively.

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