Player Legacy Benefits Orlowski Scholarship Endowment

Phi Theta Kappa’s Orlowski Scholarship Endowment, which supports annual scholarships of $1,500 for an International Officer candidate, has received a $50,000 gift from the estate of the late Dr. Mary Anne Player.

“We are so deeply appreciative of Dr. Player’s gift, which will ensure that outstanding International Officer candidates in the future will continue to be recognized for exemplifying our Hallmarks,” said Executive Director Dr. Rod Risley. “Steve Orlowski was a dedicated scholar and servant leader, and a loyal friend. The Orlowski Candidate Scholarship will honor his memory and his dedication.”

“Dr. Player contributed so much to shaping the Phi Theta Kappa Experience. As a chapter advisor, an alumni advisor, Regional Coordinator and longtime supporter, she worked to enhance the value of membership and to provide opportunities to ensure student success. She leaves an incredible legacy,” Dr. Risley said.

The recipient of the Orlowski Candidate Scholarship is selected by vote of all International Officer candidates, and honors the candidate who best exemplifies the Society Hallmarks of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Fellowship.

Dr. Player was advisor of Phi Theta Kappa’s Theta Omega Chapter at Wilbur Wright College in Chicago and charter advisor of Alumni of Illinois alumni association, and Illinois Regional Coordinator from 1972-1998.

She established the Orlowski scholarship in memory of Steve Orlowski, 1986-87 North Central Vice President, who died in office. Orlowski served as president of Theta Omega Chapter prior to his election as a National Officer.

“The Orlowski Scholarship has been one of the most meaningful awards I have ever received,” said 2003 recipient Dawneen Banks. “The financial award enabled me to continue my undergraduate studies at Colorado State University where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and where I am now pursuing a graduate degree.”

“I keep the Orlowski Medallion in a prominent place on my desk to serve as a reminder that college education is a privilege not given to everyone. I hope that by accomplishing my dream of receiving a bachelor’s degree, and now studying for a master’s degree, I am honoring the memory of Steve Orlowski and the generosity of Dr. Player,” said Banks, 2003-2004 Division IV International Vice President.

Past winners of the Orlowski Candidate Scholarship include:

2011 – Sarah Yates, Beta Zeta Omega Chapter, Pulaski Technical College, Arkansas
2010 – Chris Percy, Omicron Phi Chapter, Treasure Valley Community College, Oregon
2009 – Monika Groomes, Beta Alpha Xi Chapter, Estrella Mountain Community College, Arizona
2008 – Kerry Cutler, Alpha Epsilon Omicron Chapter, Trident Technical College, South Carolina
2007 – Cynthia Mason, Alpha Delta Chapter, Hopkinsville Community College, Kentucky
2006 – Wayne McNeer, Nu Upsilon Chapter, Meridian Community College, Mississippi
2005 – Debbra Esparza, Alpha Lambda Xi Chapter, Lone Star College-Kingwood, Texas
2004 – Michael Gyurnek, Chi Epsilon Chapter, Valencia Community College, Orlando Campus, Florida
2003 – Dawneen Banks, Beta Kappa Lambda Chapter, Aims Community College, Colorado
2002 – Billy Martin, Pi Pi Chapter, Jefferson State Community College, Alabama
2001 – Michelle Martin, Alpha Alpha Xi Chapter, Richland College, Texas
2000 – Charles Bradshaw, Alpha Lambda Epsilon Chapter, Shawnee Community College, Illinois
1999 – Derrick Jones, Alpha Zeta Sigma Chapter, Greenville Technical College, South Carolina
1998 – Arthur Jefferson, Alpha Psi Theta Chapter, Allen County Community College, Alabama
1997 – Teresa Womble, Mu Epsilon Chapter, Miami Dade College, Florida
1996 – Buna Dahal, Phi Beta Chapter, College of DuPage, Illinois
1995 – Robert “Doc” Watson, Jr., Beta Beta Eta Chapter, Gadsden State Community College, Alabama
1994 – Kevin Braden, Alpha Rho Eta Chapter, Kishwaukee College, Illinois
1993 – Steven Mullins, Alpha Rho Nu Chapter, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Michigan
1992 – Beth Haisley, Alpha Upsilon Lambda Chapter, Ivy Tech Community College, Muncie Campus, Indiana
1991 – Sister Bernadette Fossen, Eta Omicron Chapter, McCook Community College, Nebraska
1990 – Clim Gonzales, Alpha Eta Delta Chapter, South Mountain Community College, Arizona
1989 – Kate Brienze, Alpha Alpha Epsilon Chapter, Gateway Community College, Arizona
1988 – Barbara Alcamo, Gamma Omicron Chapter, Kilgore College, Texas
1987 – Jerry Booker, Omicron Psi Chapter, Grayson County College, Texas

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