Regular Reminders Keep Ozark Tech Students Committed

Students who signed the commitment to complete at Ozarks Technical Community College receive regular motivational messages and reminders of completion resources from the Alpha Psi Tau Chapter, delivered by email.

Chapter president Dana Johnson and Chancellor Dr. Hal Higdon display the Commitment pledge.

The chapter organized signing days at all five campuses of the Missouri community colleges, and college Chancellor Dr. Hal Higdon showed his support by attending each event.

Dr. Higdon and college Board of Trustees president Howard Fisk also signed the Administrative Call to Action pledge to support student efforts toward college completion. The pledge with their signatures is framed and displayed with the commitment banners.

Students pledging to complete their college credentials also received specially designed bracelets with Phi Theta Kappa’s name and a completion slogan.

Chapter members also created a flier listing proven methods to encourage persistence and achieve completion success, based on real-life experiences. This flier is now included in the materials distributed to every new student at orientation.

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