Why You Should Study Abroad & How You Can Get There

Editor’s Note: This post was written and submitted by the International Scholar Laureate Program.

When you think about traveling, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A tropical island? A road trip? A dream?

For Phi Theta Kappa member Sarah Monalisa Wisniewski, traveling was just that — a childhood dream. But thanks to the International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP), she was able to accomplish her dream and so much more.

What started as a plan to go to China turned into an “opportunity to experience the Chinese culture to the fullest,” Sarah said. “I learned a bit of Chinese, got to spend some time with the locals, and enjoyed authentic Chinese cuisine, which was truly amazing.”

Why should you make studying abroad part of your academic plan?

The benefits of studying abroad expand beyond your academic life into your professional and personal lives. Study abroad programs encapsulate experiential learning. For Sarah, learning while traveling had many benefits.

“Students who study abroad experience a new perspective on education and their major,” she said. “These students get the opportunity to see a different style of education while they immerse themselves in their host country.”

For example, instead of reading about Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM), studying abroad gives you the opportunity to see medicines being created, watch treatment being performed, connect with medical students, and discuss the differences between CTM and your own country’s medicine. Studying abroad may also give you the chance to learn about startup technology companies from their founders. Not only will you return home with a better knowledge of your field of study, but you will also meet like-minded professionals and students.

“Another benefit for traveling abroad to study is being able to meet new people from other countries,” Sarah said. “Students get an opportunity to not only learn about the culture and studies at the host country, but also to learn about other traditions while making lifelong friends.”

How can you turn a dream of studying abroad into a reality?

Explore the opportunities available to you. ISLP offers short-term, immersive, career-focused programs in four countries: Australia, China, New Zealand and South Africa. Students from around the world sign up for ISLP to study Business & Entrepreneurship, Diplomacy & International Relations, Engineering & Technology, Nursing & Healthcare, or Medicine & Science.

Speak to the ISLP Office of Admissions at 800.778.0164 or via email at admissions@scholarlaureate.org to discuss which program is best for you, what to expect when travelling and the best ways to fund your study. Students come to the program for a variety of reasons, but they leave seeing the world from a different lens.

“Now [I am] open to more travel opportunities in my law enforcement career, … [and] would definitely recommend this experience to anyone,” Sarah said.

Start today. Visit the ISLP website and see which programs fit your dreams. Choose your career delegation. Select a destination. Apply now for 2017 International Scholar Laureate. The deadline to enroll is February 24, 2017.

Connect with ISLP scholars using the hashtag #ScholarLaureate on Facebook: @ScholarLaureateProgram I Twitter: twitter.com/scholarlaureate I Instagram: instagram.com/scholarlaureate/

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