Your Timeline for College Transfer

Editor’s Note: This post was written and submitted by Nancy Lee Sánchez, executive director of Kaplan Educational Foundation.

As a two-year college student, you may be thinking about getting a bachelor’s degree to help you reach your professional and financial goals. One of the things you may be asking yourself is “When do I start?” The answer is now!

As a Phi Theta Kappa student, you’ve already proven that you have the academic skills and leadership interests needed to apply to top colleges across the U.S. Although you may think some of these schools are out of reach, the reality is that many four-year colleges are looking for students like you. And being a PTK member may also qualify you for additional financial aid at these elite colleges.

At the Kaplan Educational Foundation, we work with community college students to help them transfer to the schools of their dreams. One of the things we hear from students over and over is that they never really understood how many amazing programs across the U.S. there are for students like them. In addition, they wish they had learned about those opportunities and started preparing for them earlier.

So, in thinking about the transfer process and what you’ll need to do to successfully transfer to the best four-year school for you, it helps to identify concrete steps to take at each stage of your education. While it’s never too late to start, getting ahead of the game will make your life much easier.

Your Timeline for College Transfer is a set of specific recommendations for what you should focus on during each of the following stages of your educational path:

  • Contemplating Transfer
  • First Year at Pre-Transfer College
  • Second Year at Pre-Transfer College
  • Transfer Application

If you’re looking at transfer schools, or even if you’re just curious about transfer, we encourage you to download the Timeline so you can put your best foot forward for transfer admissions and financial aid officers.

For a complete guide to choosing the right transfer school, getting in, and receiving the best financial aid package, check out our brand-new book, Your 2018 Guide to College Transfer.

The Guide contains 90 profiles of the top schools for transfer students in the U.S., and it highlights the best schools for veterans, students with DACA/Undocumented status, and students raising families. Each school’s profile also lists scholarship requirements and benefits for PTK members.

One last thing: never forget that top schools are looking for students like you!

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