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Cost and financial aid are major barriers for transfer students, especially if you are paying for your own education. There are a multitude of factors to consider in deciding where you will transfer, but consider giving priority to transfer-friendly colleges like our nearly 800 four-year college partners who provide $46 million in scholarships just for PTK members. The average transfer scholarship offered by partner colleges is $2,500 a year!   

Four-Year College Scholarship for PTK Members on PTK Connect

Scholarship amounts, applications, eligibility requirements, and deadlines vary by college. These scholarships are funded and administered by our college partners. Log in to PTK Connect to find out more about each college’s scholarships.

Not a member? Check out our Transfer Scholarship Search page.

Visit the Scholarship Resource Library for more help.

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Explore the many transfer scholarship opportunities open to Phi Theta Kappa using our Google Map. Just zoom in on the geographic area that interests you and click on the red dot to see more details.